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We're comp geeks, just like you (that's a loving term, go with it)

Smart Technology

Smart business logic lets you market price using your existing Survey Levels and tag outliers automatically

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We've designed the best user interface in the industry...seriously, it's awesome.

About us

Firm Overview

Searching for jobs? Adding them to projects? Waiting weeks for your yearly "data update" to finish? Matching jobs off-line analysis and then waiting for your support contact to load them in - all because it's too hard to do in the software? These are all examples of friction that happen with legacy providers, but not with BetterComp.


Reduce Friction in Market Pricing

Market pricing should be as easy as looking your job and knowing what the market is - instantly. Everything else is just friction that gets in the way of you getting to that answer. BetterComp's technology is built to support the evolved compensation practices of today. The result? Reduced friction in getting through your market pricing process, resulting in less time spent, with fewer errors, and more confidence in your end result.